Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gems of Le Marais

The Marais, like other Paris neighborhoods, has a personality all its own.  And although many chain stores have "invaded" over the last 10 years or so, because of architectural limitations and regulations they still tend to maintain an individual, rather than a corporate personality.  But best of all, there are still many wonderful, personal, specialty boutiques throughout the Marais, and the city in general.  

So I've decided, from time to time, to bring a few of them to your attention.  I hope you will seek them out, talk to the proprietors and support them with your purchases.  Today....

Marie Antoinette
at 5 rue d'Ormesson just off Place du Marche St. Catherine, a stone's throw from Metro St. Paul, is distinguished, first by its RED facade!

And while you think you understand the name, there's more to it than the former, famous "let-them-eat-cake" queen.  Ask Antonio, the proprietor.   Originally from Portugal, he will regale you with stories and information in English, French or Portuguese!  

Once inside this tiny space, you will be impressed by the treasure trove of  rare perfumes, candles and scented soaps presented within its ancient walls.

Among Antonio's treasures fit for a queen, are  Isabey fragrances by the legendary French perfumer (parfumeur).  Marie Antoinette is one of only two places in all of France where you can purchase this line!  With airline size and weight restrictions tightening by the season, this gem (bijou) of a boutique is an ideal place to shop for personal, memorable, non-touristy gifts that won't push your bags over the limit. 
For more information (en français) check the shop's website, or better yet, go talk to Antonio!


Genie said...

Polly -- How adorable he is in the doorway. I am adding this to my list for the next trip. I can't believe that I have missed it up until now. Merci!

Polly said...

You'll enjoy chatting with Antonio when you go by!