Friday, July 02, 2010

Back to Paris,
                 Photographically speaking...


One of Paris' largest  and certainly steepest parks, Buttes Chaumont in the 19th arrondissement, is not often sought out by tourists, but offers wonderful vistas, bucolic spaces, gardens and a real "find" of a restaurant.

So wear your hiking boots and get ready to climb to

the Sybille Shrine, visible from numerous points of the park and from which you will have wide ranging views of Paris including Sacre-Coeur.

Then burn a little energy rolling in the grass or playing cards

before having lunch at Le Pavillon du Lac

Afterwards you can take a little snooze along the water or just loll around within view of the parks' recently refurbished suspension bridge

before following Canal Saint-Martin back to the heart of the city...

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Virginia said...

Sorry we didn't collide at Canal St. Martin! Oh I love those dear men playing cards. I wanted to relax in the parks of Paris this trip but was on the fast track as usual. I wouldn't change it for the world. I guess I have things left for my To Do List for the next trip.