Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A recent email inquired, “What are you eating?” Well, the short answer is EVERYTHING! Our meals range from simple, straight from the open-air-market meals in the apartment consisting of salads, fruit, cheeses, and just roasted meats; to the traditional comfort food of bistros and the complex dishes served in elegant, Michelin starred restaurants. Here’s a look at a few dishes ranging from the classic comfort foods of Cassoulet and Stewed Chicken to stylish desserts and fish swimming in delicate, complex broths along with a few of the rooms in which they were served….
Cold night comfort food Posted by Picasa
And plenty of it...!Posted by Picasa

Not your New England cod... Posted by Picasa
Or your grandmother's apple pie... Posted by Picasa

An elegant setting Posted by Picasa
A different type of "fried egg" Posted by Picasa

Waiting for chocolate can feel like waiting for Godot Posted by Picasa

The perfect late night pick-me-up, crepes with ice cream, hot chocolate sauce and a touch of whipped cream... Posted by Picasa

Mussels & beans Posted by Picasa

A dessert so elegant that it is served with a gold-dusted spoon! Posted by Picasa

And for after dessert.... Posted by Picasa
NO CAGE! Yes, the feeder does resemble a cage, particularly in the very small photos, but it is a feeder with a suet ball tied onto the outside. So, here's a larger photo for those who emailed us about our CAGED birds... Want to see a larger version?...Just click on the photo. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Appearing daily on our patio... Posted by Picasa

A small antique shop just a few steps from our apartment Posted by Picasa
The "Mairie", or town hall, for our arrondissement Posted by Picasa
just across the square from the Mairie Posted by Picasa

Our usual post-yoga croissant stop Posted by Picasa

If you really insist on having American fast food.... Posted by Picasa

How's this for a vacuum cleaner? Posted by Picasa

We can buy almost anything we need at the Monoprix just around the, clothes, wine.... Posted by Picasa

There seems to be some version this at every major intersection and park Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 20, 2006

A few more Paris street scenes.... Posted by Picasa
Entrance to public toilettes with beautiful tile work... Note the date, 1905... Posted by Picasa
Decorative glass on every stall and... Posted by Picasa
Yes, you can get your shoes shined there too! Posted by Picasa