Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Paris to London 2 !/2 hours by EuroStar through the “Chunnel” – great way to go!!!!

The London skyline has certainly changed in the nearly ten years since our last visit. In our previous trips here we have generally avoided the City, London’s financial district, but this time we stayed just a few yards from St. Paul’s Cathedral, Christopher Wren’s masterpiece, and hardly left the district.

Discovering that it was the weekend of The Mayor’s Thames Festival, we scuttled our schedule and fell in with the locals attending myriad events along the riverbank...

The Feast on the Bridge with it’s food booths, portable gardens, music and events including Grape Stomping, Pumpkin Carving, Hay Toss, Sacred Mayonnaise Ritual, Fire Garden and more...

Followed by the  Night Carnival and Fireworks

The iconic phone booths, double-decker buses and Big Ben still exist…

Alongside the London Eye which provides great views even on a grey day...


On a walk through the “new” Trafalger Square, we encountered…. a wedding?

The groom is on the phone and the bride is relaying the vows from the top of a very high plinth… note the safety net!

Mom is offering a toast

While friends and family celebrate

Too bad the groom is in Malaysia… he missed a great party!!!


Barrier Island Girl said...

How fun! I felt as though I was there! But {{{sigh}}}, I missed it. Great photos!


Peter said...

London is getting better and better ... and closer and closer! :-)