Thursday, September 03, 2009

I knew I was in trouble when the bus driver announced that he was skipping the next 4 or 5 stops due to the “manifestation”. I had already broken my two cardinal rules for photographing parades:
1. Go at least one day before to get the lay-of-the-land, the light and the vantage points.
2. Get to the gathering point at least one hour before the start of the parade.
So, when all the sari clad women exited the bus, I followed. Ganesh, the god of opportunity and success, had already begun to work his magic! As I wove through the crowds I paused momentarily to receive a “pottu”, or painted red dot on my forehead as a blessing, which I really needed moments later when the crowd turned into a crush with cries of “doucement, doucement!” (gently, gently! or in this case, “take it easy!”) rising from the street. It was one of those moments when your thoughts begin with “Lord, if I ever get out of here…”
But, blessed by Ganesh, I got out and back in – close enough to get these images AND a gold pottu

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