Saturday, January 21, 2006

Nous sommes arrivés à Paris! (to the left, the view from outside our apartment building) And, after 24 hours, we’ve almost adjusted to the time zone, thanks to a later than usual arrival (via Amsterdam), a quick shopping trip in the neighborhood to pick up groceries, a good dinner, a good night’s sleep and a brisk one hour walk this morning. It should be no surprise that our first purchases were food! Bread with seeds; bread with raisins & nuts; baguettes; and, mais oui, croissants! Sooo, to go with them one needs cheeses, confiture, wine, fruit, honey… By our second afternoon John had ranged well beyond the neighborhood to scout out Lavinia for wine; Maison du Chocolat for “truffles”; Maison du Miel for honey and Maille for mustard. You get the idea… Posted by Picasa

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