Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Is it Sunday already? We headed out to our local street market to buy a few groceries, but mostly to enjoy the scene. The market vendors were largely the same as in the Spring. The only obvious change was what’s in season, both in produce and in clothes. We are continually awed by the variety of produce, cheeses, vegetables and meats available at these neighborhood markets. Several varieties of whole, skinned rabbits; numerous types of chicken and duck; a wide range of sausages; scallops in-the-shell; periwinkles; escargot (small, medium, or large; natural or in pastry puffs ready for the oven). Why would anyone cook? After two hours of gawking and buying and we headed home with our steaming poulet roti (fresh off the spit), escargot, mache & rocket for salad, roasted potatoes, lentils, bread, wine, cheese & fruit. No wonder we were ready for another late afternoon nap! I have begun to wonder if the late arrival really helped us adjust more quickly, or just delayed the reaction…?

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