Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Now here's a fun and inexpensive way to have lunch in Paris!

Les Ateliers des Chefs  was created by brothers Nicolas and Francois Bergerault for busy Parisians needing some simple cooking techniques. The least expensive formula is 15 Euros for lunch - there are also other options including dinner or cocktail hour and for a few extra euros, you can add wine and/or coffee.  At lunch you will spend half an hour preparing lunch and the rest eating.  It is all done under the direction of a well-trained chef. If you go to the 1:30 session, as we do, there will be fewer people and a more leisurely atmosphere.  The chef at BHV (and, I suspect, the other locations as well) speaks excellent English.  And, as with the Hotel de Ville tour (below), don't be deterred by languishing language skills - it's all pretty visual so go and just follow along with the chef's demonstrations and enjoy!

And YES, it was delicious!

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